In the void . . .

It’s taken awhile to be able to write.  I’ve dealt with the strangest and longest form of writer’s block I think I ever have.  And now I think I know why.  I am in the void.  That space between the promise and the reality.  The space of hope . . . of waiting . . . of longing.  The question is what does one do when in the void?  Continue reading

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Light of Dawn

This post is a long time coming because it has taken this long to find the words to express the depth of the happenings within my core.  A profound shift has taken place that hit the reset on the course of my life.  Certainly my life has not been bad.  I’ve already shared in previous posts the amazing things God has brought me through and given me.  And yet, this is something that has quite literally redefined me.  A shaking has begun.  If you listen close you can hear the vibrations off in the distance, like having your ear to the tracks to hear the train approaching. . . Continue reading

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The Friendship of Humility and Gratitude

This week has been brutal.  I have been learning from the weight of mistakes I have made and from moments that I have hurt those I care so much about.  In my pride, I assumed that hurts done to me were the result of others or the lack of others being there when I’ve needed them.  I have come to realize that I can’t expect others to want to spend time with me or treat me well when I don’t work on being the kind of person I expect others to be.  I have realized that the great things that have happened in life and in ministry have been in spite of me, not because of me.  I see that in myself and in my own strength I am nothing.  Continue reading

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Who do You say that I am?

In this journey, I’m finding something we all need to find at some point.  Identity.  The question I ask often is, “Who am I?”  When others ask me who I am, I often think of what I call the quick answers.  What I do for a living.  Who is my family.  What my interests are.  All of these things are true on the surface, however I am starting to dig deeper.  Continue reading

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Who are you in the dark hours?

I’ve been dealing with several different issues that would make good blog posts.  After much thought and prayer, this is what I felt led to share for this week.  The question above is the biggest question I’ve faced in this season of my life.  Continue reading

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Goth . . . Really?

I start with that phrase because I’ve heard it a few times before as many in the culture have, especially those who are Christians.  I hinted to that part of my life before so I felt it was a good time to share this piece of my story.  Before I share, I must say this is my personal view of the Goth culture.  Others will see it from their own perspective as I do.  That is ok.  Being different from each other is a good thing, as our culture has shown us.  Continue reading

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Journey of Love

“I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven,
so she has shown Me much love. . .”  ~Luke 7:47a

In the contents of my “About Me” page I promised you, my precious reader, that I will be my real, raw, authentic self.  To that end, I feel the need to tell part of my story.  I was once told by a friend that when you know someone’s story it helps you understand what they say and do better.  There’s so much God has done in me and one post is not near enough to explain it all.  In the coming months I hope you will see a pretty clear picture of who I am.  For now I will give you the introduction.  Consider it “Holly 101”. Continue reading

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